The shell of a fiberglass swimming pool is of an exceptional waterproofness. The fiberglass pool highlights the natural blue water color in the daytime and the colors of the pool’s light at night like no other type of swimming pool. IG Pools has several designs of fiberglass pools. Whatever type of soil we have in the region; IG Pools assures you the installation of this magnificent molded swimming pool.


  • Meticulous finish
  • Factory made
  • Fast and professional installation
  • Thermal insulation

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The Val-d’Or

The Val-d’Or is a 12 ‘x 25’ sized pool. It has a depth of 3’6 “in the shallow section and 5’6” in the deep section. Polyurethane insulation retains the heat of the one piece fiberglass pool. Spa jets are installed all around the pool.

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The Rouyn-Noranda

The Rouyn-Noranda is a 12’ x 23’ sized pool. The massive bench that surrounds its shallow section is provided with spa jets and can welcome seven comfortably seated bathers. It has a depth of 3’6 “in the shallow section and 5.6” in the deep section. The pool’s polyurethane insulation reduces the heat loss and ensures much warmer water.

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The Amos

The Amos is reflecting the linear trend with its dimensions of 12’x22′, 10’x 20′ or 10’x 16′. Its flat bottom allows you to maximize the swimming area, the depth is 4’6″.

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The New Liskeard

The New Liskeard pool is molded from a design that has been popular for many years. It has a size of 12 ‘x 25’ and a beach-type bottom with a slope of 3’6 “to 5’6” deep.

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The Timmins - Inground PoolsSlide thumbnail

The Timmins

The Timmins fiberglass pool has a rectangular shape; it maximizes the water volume and the space for swimmers. There are two available sizes, 10 ‘x 20’ or 12 ‘x 25’, with a depth of 4’9 “. For a beach-type bottom with a slope of 3’6 “to 6’2” deep the size is 12’x29′

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