Summer 2012

Unfortunately forus, we did not know about Piscines CR when we purchased our in-ground pool. The installation was a complete nightmare. There were numerous major installation and quality issues from the onset. We spent months trying to resolve these issues with the original pool installer but we remained dissatisfied. We were left with a less than desirable pool. Frustrated with the original installer’s inability to perform the required repairs and resolve the legitimate issues at hand, we began seeking solutions elsewhere.

Steve, from Piscines CR, was highly recommend by other pool companies in the area. We contacted him late Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend and he showed up at our door the following morning. Thank God for Steve from Piscines CR! He assessed the situation and came up with a resolution at an affordable price. He gave us a time frame of when the repairs would begin and approximately how long they would take, which he adhered to. We were still a little unsure and cautious because of all the issues we had with the previous pool dealer, but when Steve began the work, right away we could see the quality in his workmanship and could breathe a sigh of relief. Steve had all the right equipment, came early, worked late, and was very knowledgeable. His work was neat and professionally done. Steve was able to resolve all of our issues and left us with the pool of our dreams.

Even though we did not purchase our pool from Piscines CR, Steve treated us like we were his clients from day one. Our biggest regret was that we had not contacted Steve sooner. Had we hired Piscines CR from the beginning, our pool installation would have been a stress-free, exciting backyard remodel rather than the nightmare it turned out to be. Steve is truly a professional who takes pride in his trade. We strongly recommend Steve from Piscines CR to anyone who is considering an in-ground pool.

Summer 2012